What is MyFolio?

The MyFolio funds are a family of 25 carefully constructed risk-based portfolios, which offer your clients a choice of active and passive investment strategies across five risk levels and five investment styles. Whatever your investment philosophy, you decide on the most suitable risk profile and investment style for your client and select the appropriate MyFolio funds – we will then take care of the ongoing rebalancing and monitoring.

MyFolio aims to maximise returns for your selected level of risk through our innovative asset allocation approach.

  • Using the range of selected asset classes, a strategic asset allocation benchmark is designed to generate the highest expected return for the given level of risk in each fund. We currently engage Moody's Analytics, world-leading experts in risk-modelling solutions, to consult with us on the optimum strategic asset allocation for each fund.
  • In addition to strategic asset allocation, we undertake tactical asset allocation where we aim to take advantage of short-term investment opportunities across all MyFolio funds.
  • All of the MyFolio funds invest in active commercial property, including the tracker-based MyFolio Market funds.

Absolute return investment strategies are incorporated across the four active ranges – the MyFolio Multi-Manager funds, MyFolio Multi-Manager Income funds, MyFolio Managed funds and the MyFolio Managed Income funds.

The ability to use the funds in combination also sets MyFolio apart. With the MyFolio range, you can mix and match funds of the same risk level, confident that your client’s overall portfolio will stay within their chosen risk profile. This gives the ability to blend different investment styles to create bespoke investment strategies.

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