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The price shown is the price at which units in each of the funds are bought and sold on the date indicated in the 'Updated' column. These prices are for information purposes only. For more information on the actual unit prices that will be used when a transaction is carried out please contact us.

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Other documents can be accessed by clicking on the fund names below, including SICAV factsheets in currencies other than the base currency (where available).

Life Level Funds - (Capital Investment Bond and Distribution Bond)
NameFactsheetBuySellDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Life Stepped Funds - (Capital Investment Bond and Distribution Bond - after 13th Sep 2004)
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Life Investment
NameFactsheetBuySellDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Pension Investment
NameFactsheetBuySellDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Pension 2
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Pension One
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Retail Pooled
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Retail Pooled - Non Standard Life Investments funds
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Corporate Stakeholder
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
Corporate Fund Investment Policy
NameFactsheetPriceDaily ChangeUpdatedFavourite
SL SLI Global Equity Unconstrained Pension Fund280.680892Down-0.20p-0.07%22/05/2019
SL SLI UK Smaller Companies Pension Fund875.225920Up5.00p0.57%22/05/2019
Standard Life Annuity Targeting Pension Fund252.796178Down-0.72p-0.29%22/05/2019
Standard Life Asia Pacific ex Japan Equity Pension Fund471.441968Down-1.20p-0.25%22/05/2019
Standard Life At Retirement (Multi Asset Universal) Pension Fund246.960000Up0.20p0.08%22/05/2019
Standard Life Cash Pension Fund121.620454None0.00p0.00%22/05/2019
Standard Life Corporate Bond Pension Fund262.462997Down-0.60p-0.23%22/05/2019
Standard Life Ethical Pension Fund338.455900Up1.80p0.53%22/05/2019
Standard Life European Equity Pension Fund287.054606Up2.40p0.84%22/05/2019
Standard Life FTSE Tracker Pension Fund+268.125025Up0.80p0.30%22/05/2019
Standard Life Global Bond Pension Fund245.808854Down-0.50p-0.20%22/05/2019
Standard Life Index Linked Pension Fund358.124846Up0.10p0.03%22/05/2019
Standard Life Japanese Equity Pension Fund143.343962Down-1.50p-1.04%22/05/2019
Standard Life Long Corporate Bond Pension Fund291.754539Down-1.10p-0.38%22/05/2019
Standard Life Managed Pension Fund289.282525Up0.30p0.10%22/05/2019
Standard Life Managed Property Pension Fund184.848859None0.00p0.00%22/05/2019
Standard Life Mixed Bond Pension Fund215.908745Down-0.50p-0.23%22/05/2019
Standard Life Money Market Pension Fund143.319444None0.00p0.00%22/05/2019
Standard Life Multi Asset Managed (20-60% Shares) Pension Fund276.712261Up0.20p0.07%22/05/2019
Standard Life North American Equity Pension Fund349.712773Down-2.60p-0.74%22/05/2019
Standard Life Property Pension Fund241.700918Up0.10p0.04%22/05/2019
Standard Life Stock Exchange Pension Fund+287.682657Up0.30p0.10%22/05/2019
Standard Life UK Equity Pension Fund261.096679Up2.00p0.77%22/05/2019
Standard Life UK Equity Select Pension Fund385.144841Up2.10p0.55%22/05/2019
Standard Life UK Mixed Bond Pension Fund250.650021Down-0.60p-0.24%22/05/2019

Yields (All Yields calculated at the 15th of each month and updated as soon as possible after this date)

The Historic Yield reflects distributions declared over the past twelve months as a percentage of the mid-market unit price, as at the date shown. It doesn’t include any preliminary charge and investors may be subject to tax on their distributions.

For funds marked * we quote the Underlying Yield. This takes account of all expected cash flows from a bond over its lifetime. This includes, in addition to coupons, any differences between the purchase cost of a bond and its final redemption amount. It reflects the annualised income net of expenses of the fund (calculated in accordance with relevant accounting standards) as a percentage of the mid-market unit price of the fund. It is based on a snapshot of the portfolio on that day. It doesn’t include any preliminary charge and investors may be subject to tax on distributions.This is also the Distribution Yield for the Fund.

Where the yield is shown as 'n/a', this indicates that the Fund's yield is not available.

+ Closed to new investment.