Standard Life Investments

Why choose an investment trust?

  • An economical way to invest
    As investors’ money is pooled in an investment trust, the dealing and administration costs are also pooled
  • Investment flexibility
    It’s very easy to buy shares in investment trusts, and you can invest small lump sum amounts on a regular basis - from as little as £100 a month
  • Spreading risk
    Investment trusts own shares in many companies, so although you buy shares in only one investment trust, you’re accessing a diversified portfolio
  • Professional fund management expertise
    You gain access to our professional expertise, across a range of asset classes and with different income or growth profiles
  • Low charges
    Most investment trusts have low internal charges, thanks to the role of their independent Board of Directors

Read our Capabilities Brochure for more information on investment trusts in general and the Standard Life Investments’ trust range in particular.