Standard Life Investments

Equity fund credentials

Our investment heritage dates back to 1825 when our parent company Standard Life plc was established. A leading provider of long-term savings and investments, the company floated on the London Stock Exchange in 2006 and is now a FTSE 100-listed company. Standard Life Investments was launched as a separate company in 1998 and has established a highly-valued reputation as well as a world-wide presence.

Much of our success is based on our exceptional team which follows Standard Life Investments’ clearly defined investment philosophy and process. The resources available to the team means they are able to maintain comprehensive coverage of global stock markets. In addition, our standing in the industry means our fund managers and analysts enjoy direct access to senior management at the companies in which we invest.

Our equity fund range spans different needs and requirements of our investors –. While the potential risk and return varies from fund to fund, our equity portfolios share a common goal: to consistently add value through active management. This means we invest in companies in whose potential we really believe rather than passively following an index such as the FTSE 100.

Our areas of excellence include:

  • Global equities – our expert team uses its experience and know-how to build portfolios that include only highest conviction ideas. Our fund range covers standard growth, unconstrained and income-generating strategies.
  • UK equities – our highly regarded and well-resourced UK equities team is able to comprehensively research all companies sitting within the FTSE 350 index. The team’s investment portfolios span a wide range of strategies, from funds focused on smaller companies or ethical criteria, to those dedicated to producing income.
  • European equities – our seasoned European equities team invests in a wide range of companies listed on European stock markets. As with our UK offering, we offer a broad range of products to suit different investor needs.
  • GEM equities –our global emerging markets (GEM) funds are managed by a highly experienced and well-supported team. We offer regional funds as well as portfolios concentrated on a single country. Once again investors can choose from a range that includes funds seeking to produce capital growth or to yield income.
  • Smaller companies – widely regarded as one of the strongest in the industry, our smaller companies team scours UK, European and global stock markets, to uncover new investment opportunities. Listed smaller companies are often under-researched (and under-invested) consequently they can add great value to our investors’ portfolios. We have the resources and expertise to research these companies and include those we think will add value to our investment funds.
  • Japanese equities - our Japanese equity funds are managed by our strategic alliance partner Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Bank (SuMi TRUST), the largest asset manager in Japan. We believe that this on-the-ground presence provides a distinct advantage when investing in the country.
  • North American equities – our high-calibre team in Boston manages a wide range of North American funds that concentrate on active stock picking rather than following an index such as the US’s S&P 500.

To find out more about our equity capabilities, speak to your financial adviser.