Standard Life Investments

Fixed income investment capabilities

We offer an extensive range of fixed income funds developed to meet the individual needs of investors.

  • Through our investment-grade corporate bond funds, investors can benefit from our in-depth understanding of the major global corporate bond markets.
  • Our high-yield corporate bonds are designed for investors willing to take on additional risk in return for greater income and capital return potential.
  • Our expertise extends across world government bond markets, where we cover a broad range of strategies.
  • Our emerging market debt funds invest in bonds issued by less-developed countries and/or companies. There is a perception of such investments being higher risk, however, investors are rewarded with the potential of higher returns and income.
  • We offer a range of regional and global inflation-linked bonds for investors concerned over the future direction of inflation.
  • Our absolute return bond funds seek to provide positive performance in a wide range of market conditions, while also helping to control investment risk.