Standard Life Investments

Multi-asset and macro expertise

A multi-asset and macro approach can be an effective solution for investors seeking to achieve their long-term objectives at an acceptable level of risk. At Standard Life Investments, we are at the forefront of multi-asset and macro investing, developing innovative products that aim to deliver positive returns while at the same time, controlling and constraining risk.

We understand that investors have different investment objectives and varying risk tolerance levels. We have therefore developed a comprehensive range of multi-asset solutions that aim to meet investors’ needs.

Our multi-asset and macro solutions include:

  • absolute return strategies
  • enhanced-diversification strategies
  • risk-based portfolios tailored for risk tolerance and style preference
  • traditional balanced (mixed asset) mandates
  • liability-aware investment strategies.

Our multi-asset and macro solutions fall into two distinct categories:

  • Return-targeted, risk-controlled – we aim for a specified level of return, seeking to minimise the risk while generating that return
  • Risk-budgeted, return maximisation – we specify a risk level, and aim to maximise the return we generate within that risk budget.

Extensive investment resource

Successfully managing a variety of multi-asset and macro portfolios demands an exceptionally broad and skilled investment capability. We have extensive experience and diversity of talent across all global asset classes – including equities, fixed income, real estate, money markets and private equity – which positions us well in this market.

To construct our multi-asset and macro portfolios we have built a team of over 70 skilled and talented professionals, pooling expertise across a range of disciplines, including economics, risk management and multi-asset portfolio management. These specialists also draw on the insights of our global asset class teams, benefiting from the collective skills of hundreds of investment professionals across Standard Life Investments.