Standard Life Investments

Investment risk management & control

We want to ensure investors are not exposed to any unnecessary risk. For this reason we have teams of dedicated risk specialists whose role is to support our multi-asset fund managers, helping them recognise how a fund might behave given its underlying investments.

There are four distinct groups engaged in our multi-asset risk management process.

  • The Multi-Asset Risk & Structuring team is an integral part of the multi-asset and macro investing team (MAIT), providing our fund managers with ongoing assessment of risk within their portfolios.
  • The Investment Risk team works independently of the MAIT, monitoring performance and risk of all of the portfolios managed at Standard Life Investments.
  • The Investment Governance team also works outside of the MAIT, ensuring the consistency and integrity of our investment process in relation to the management of each specific portfolio/fund
  • The Risk & Exposures Committee authorises the various types of investments that can be bought for use within the portfolios and the counterparties we can use to purchase them from. They also monitor the exposure we may have to any counterparty or stock.

Additionally, our daily checks are carried out by independent third parties to ensure robust pricing of all our portfolios.