Standard Life Investments

SICAV investment funds

Open-ended solutions

Launched in 2000, our SICAV offering has now grown to include 20 sub-funds, investing in a variety of markets across the globe. With such a broad range available, there's sure to be a sub-fund with a risk-return profile to suit your investment needs.

We actively manage each of our SICAV sub-funds, allowing you to benefit directly from our specialist knowledge. Investors can choose from:

  • equity funds, tapping the potential of a specific geographic region
  • bond funds, exploiting the expertise of our fixed interest teams
  • or real estate, taking advantage of our real estate professionals' impressive track record.

Or you might prefer to diversify further, for example, by investing in the smaller companies sector.

Importantly, investing in our SICAV range gives you complete flexibility. You can invest in one or more of the sub-funds, and can then easily switch money into other funds if you choose.