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Standard Life Investments’ fund navigator allows our clients to stay cognisant of the latest trends and developments within our fund range. The easy-to-use tool compiles an instant ranking of our funds based on the selection criteria: fund size, yield and performance.

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Fund nameLast price*Last changeFund size**Yield
Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund74.25Down-0.0925787.10m0.71More information
MyFolio Managed III Fund77.90Down-0.072714.16m0.74More information
SLI UK Real Estate Accumulation Feeder Fund142.20None0.002602.30m3.57More information
SLI UK Real Estate Fund104.20None0.002602.30m3.76More information
UK Smaller Companies Fund579.20Up0.701252.00m0.45More information
MyFolio Managed II Fund71.37Down-0.051232.28m0.78More information
Global Index Linked Bond Fund176.80Down-0.201206.10m0.35More information
MyFolio Market III Fund79.50Down-0.061162.26m1.36More information
UK Equity Income Unconstrained Fund74.04Up0.221121.10m3.81More information
MyFolio Managed IV Fund81.68Down-0.08989.85m0.64More information

*Last price at 21/02/2017

**Fund size as at 21/02/2017