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The fund navigator is an easy-to-use tool that compiles a ranking of ten of our OEICs and unit trusts, based on the selection criteria: fund size, yield and performance over one, three and five year periods.

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Fund nameLast price*Last changeFund size**Yield
Global Absolute Return Strategies Fund76.51Up0.0421186.70m0.89More information
MyFolio Managed III Fund84.07Up0.063427.42m0.92More information
SLI UK Real Estate Accumulation Feeder Fund151.30None0.002446.00m3.33More information
SLI UK Real Estate Fund110.90Up0.102430.70m3.65More information
MyFolio Managed II Fund75.39Up0.071712.55m0.95More information
UK Smaller Companies Fund725.00Up4.801425.90m0.50More information
MyFolio Market III Fund85.68Up0.191336.13m1.36More information
UK Equity Income Unconstrained Fund84.90Down-0.121274.70m3.85More information
Global Index Linked Bond Fund178.50Up0.201223.90m0.41More information
MyFolio Managed IV Fund89.86Up0.081215.62m0.94More information

*Last price at 17/01/2018

**Fund size as at 17/01/2018

The value of an investment can fall as well as rise and is not guaranteed – an investor may get back less than they put in. Past performance is not a guide to future performance.

Data provided by FE, and is for information purposes only. Standard Life Investments is not responsible for the accuracy or completeness of information supplied by FE.