Standard Life Investments

Our equities funds

At Standard Life Investments, we understand the importance of meeting clients' individual financial objectives. As a result, we have developed a comprehensive fund range that incorporates single-country, multi-region and global funds. We also have funds suitable for different risk profiles, from core funds with relatively conservative performance targets to more dynamic unconstrained funds.

Equity funds
Fund name Rayner Spencer MillsFund typeInfo
American Equity Income FundOEICFactsheetG
American Equity Unconstrained FundSICAVFactsheetG
American Equity Unconstrained FundOEICFactsheetG
Asian Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Asian Pacific Growth FundOEICFactsheetG
China Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Continental European Equity Income FundSICAVFactsheetG
Enhanced Diversification Global Emerging Markets Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Europe ex UK Smaller Companies FundOEICFactsheetG
European Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
European Equity Growth FundOEICFactsheetG
European Equity Income FundROEICFactsheetG
European Equity Unconstrained FundSICAVFactsheetG
European Ethical Equity FundOEICFactsheetG
European Smaller Companies FundSICAVFactsheetG
Global Emerging Markets Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Global Emerging Markets Equity FundOEICFactsheetGFund Guide
Global Emerging Markets Equity Income FundOEICFactsheetG
Global Emerging Markets Equity Unconstrained FundSICAVFactsheetG
Global Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Global Equity Impact FundSICAVG
Global Equity Income FundOEICFactsheetGFund Guide
Global Equity Unconstrained FundSICAVFactsheetG
Global Equity Unconstrained FundOEICFactsheetGFund Guide
Global Short Duration Corporate Bond FundSICAVG
Global Smaller Companies FundROEICFactsheetGFund Guide
Indian Equity Midcap Opportunities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Japanese Equities FundSICAVFactsheetG
Japanese Equity Growth FundOEICFactsheetG
UK Equity Growth FundROEICFactsheetG
UK Equity High Alpha FundOEICFactsheetG
UK Equity High Income FundROEICFactsheetG
UK Equity Income Unconstrained FundROEICFactsheetGFund Guide
UK Equity Recovery FundOEICFactsheetG
UK Equity Unconstrained FundROEICFactsheetG
UK Ethical FundROEICFactsheetG
UK Opportunities FundOEICFactsheetG
UK Smaller Companies FundROEICFactsheetG