Standard Life Investments

What is MyFolio?

Consisting of 25 carefully constructed multi-asset funds, MyFolio is a flexible, risk based fund-of-funds investment solution.

It offers your clients a choice of active and passive investment funds, across five risk levels and five investment styles. This allows you to select funds for your clients based on their preferred investment style and attitude to risk, providing both flexibility and choice.

In total, we provide 15 funds designed for clients seeking growth and 10 funds for clients investing for income.

The breadth of the MyFolio range

  • five Market funds that invest mainly in passive funds and therefore provide a compelling low-cost option
  • 10 Managed funds (five growth and five income) that invest mainly in Standard Life Investments funds, taking advantage of our extensive in-house expertise
  • 10 Multi-Manager funds (five growth and five income) where we select best-of-breed funds from providers across the entire market

We manage the MyFolio funds using a robust and repeatable investment process, implemented by a well-resourced and experienced team. One of the largest in the UK, the team behind MyFolio has a pure and dedicated focus on research, where manager insight and fund ideas are shared between our specialist analysts.

To keep investors informed, we provide monthly range reports, which examine the asset allocation, performance and volatility of the MyFolio funds in each range, as well as bespoke quarterly reports for each fund.