Standard Life Investments

Liquidity products

We offer two distinct liquidity products. For investors who require instant access on a daily basis, we have designed a short-term money market fund. We also offer a short duration managed liquidity fund for investors who do not require instant access and are looking for the potential to achieve enhanced returns. Both funds are currently triple-A rated by Standard & Poor’s and benefit from the rigorous investment process employed by our experienced management team.

In addition, the Standard Life Investments Liquidity Fund complies with the applicable regulatory and rating agency frameworks, and the Institutional Money Market Funds Association code of conduct. In practice, the Fund operates under stricter internal guidelines. We adhere to stable NAV principles and the Fund is recognised as a Qualifying Money Market fund under the European EFAMA regulations.

Overall, our liquidity range offers:

  • liquid and actively managed portfolios with a high degree of security
  • capital stability with competitive yields
  • diversification of investments and risk.